Transformers 5 - The Last Knight,  Animator - ILM

This is my current show i'm working on, and it's a LOT of fun!


Rogue One - A Star Wars Story,  Animator - ILM

I was an Animator on this film.

A few things i was tasked to animate include K2-S0  (one of the main characters of the film) on multiple shots, storm troopers,  hero ships and many background ships with sometimes 40-50 of them on screen at once!

I was so happy to be able to help out with this film, i had a fantastic lead/supervisor and the film itself is absolutely stunning. It's amazing what everyone has created and i felt privileged to have been a part of it!


LIFE,  Animator - ILM

I was brought on briefly to animate a few props on this show!  Although my time on the show was short (due to being put onto Transformers 5) it was a nice break from ships!


Dr Strange,  Animator - ILM

The team i was on were tasked with the Hong Kong time reversed sequence towards the end of the film.

I animated Kaecelius, the zealots and a few shots in the zealots transformation sequence towards the end of the film. I also animated a lot of shots of Mordos' whip, which included a Digi-double of Kaecelius as well. I also animated a few cameras as well across a few of my shots!

 It was a fun show and is an absolute vfx masterpiece!


James Bond 007 - Spectre,  Animator - ILM

I was an Animator on this film. There were 3 Animators (including my Lead) in total on this whole sequence. We were in charge of the entire helicopter stunt sequence based  in New Mexico right at the beginning of the film.

I was responsible for Digi-double animation, Facial animation, Helicopter animation and Camera animation on this sequence.


Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens,  Animation TD - ILM

I was brought on to help with the animation pipeline for this film. I was tasked with making sure assets and animations were correct for each scene working with the Layout artists and production Coordinators.  I was also responsible for submitting animations to Dailies and for review from the Supervisors and Director.


Lexus Ad - Facet City ft.,  VFX Generalist - The Mill

I was given the opportunity to work on this commercial alongside a talented team of VFX artists at the Mill.

I was responsible for modelling, Uv'ing and the early stages of previs lighting / texturing of a CG building and surrounding Geo (curb / path).  After i spent a few days (after running hours) working away, i was told what i did was perfect and was used on the final advert! I was also offered to do some other shots on the ad but due to time restrictions because of running i wasn't able to.